Minimising operating costs with Wacker Neuson 3503 compact excavator


The machine’s vertical digging system compensates for height differences on uneven terrain and quickly sets the operator in an upright position.

Plant and light construction equipment specialist, Wacker Neuson, says maximising productivity and minimising operating costs are always top of mind during product design, and the new 3503 excavator is certainly no exception.

“The 3503 features a unique vertical digging system (VDS) which not only makes it possible to work safely on slopes but can lead to savings in material and time by as much as 25%,” notes Eugene Brown, regional president for Wacker Neuson Africa. “With local industry currently in an economic strangle-hold, savings of this substantial nature are welcome news for customers and end-users.”

Operator fatigue is not only a safety risk but it can also affect productivity levels, says Brown. “The cabin is the operator’s office so it is imperative that this work space offers all-round comfort and safety. The 3503’s large door provides fast, easy and safe access to and from the excavator’s well dimensioned cabin which also meets the ISO 6394 specified sound pressure level of 74 dB(A),” he adds.

Low maintenance was another important consideration during the excavator’s design; the machine features a self-cleaning undercarriage and all service points are strategically positioned for fast and easy access to maximise uptime.

Equipment Africa says: Wacker Neuson’s VDS is an intelligent solution for highly efficient excavation on uneven surfaces. It enables progressive tilting of the superstructure by up to 15 degrees, and at a touch of a button operators can thus compensate for slopes of up to 27%. The savings from the resultant shorter excavation times are massive.

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