On-line publishing provides advertisers with a much wider and immediate audience, therefore maximising their brand awareness campaigns. Leveraging the power and popularity of the internet, Equipment Africa does not rely on limited distribution infrastructure and therefore reaches the growth areas on the continent.

It also provides advertisers with the opportunity to prepare and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Our sales team provides essential data on the proposed target market helping the serious marketer prepare a successful brand awareness campaign. In addition, it monitors the performance of advertisements, advising the advertiser on where to improve its marketing campaign and then generates a comprehensive report on the success of the message delivered via Equipment Africa.

What is more, Equipment Africa harnesses the powers of the Worldwide Web to offer very competitive rates to its potential advertisers, while providing a host of very effective multi-media platforms to optimise corporate messages.


For information on advertising with Equipment Africa please contact our sales team on:

Email: sales@equipment-africa.com