Wacker Neuson goes on a beach clean-up

The Wacker Neuson loader moving seamlessly along the beach collecting a wide array of rubble including glass, plastic, tins and papers.

A Wacker Neuson 1101CP skid steer loader with a specialised beach cleaning attachment was recently deployed to Durban’s beaches on clean-up operation.

With a payload of 1 150 kg, the loader delivers sound traction and can easily negotiate sandy, muddy or rocky terrain.

Wacker Neuson regional president for sub-Saharan Africa, Eugene Brown, confirms that the demonstration was a huge success. “Our machine worked beautifully, moving seamlessly along the beach collecting a wide array of rubble which included glass, plastic, tins and papers. What particularly impressed the municipal representatives was the attachment’s ability to pick up small debris, even small chicken bones. This is made possible by the specially developed screens, with hole sizes that trap debris as small as 10 mm.”

Featuring hydraulic pilot control, both machine and attachment is operator friendly making it an efficient and productive one-man operation with very little training required. The screens are easily and quickly locked into place using two simple hand-held bolts fitted on either side of the attachment. The Wacker Neuson 1101cp features a high-output hydraulic system, together with an in-cab control box for the attachment.

Easy adjustment of the cleaning depth and hopper opening are performed via the in-cab control box, with the collection bucket at the rear of the machine fitted with hydraulic operated cylinders for fast dumping of collected debris. The proprietary PowerRide load spring suspension system ensures fast and secure material transport over longer distances, without loss even over rough terrain.

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