Volvo Construction Equipment eases digging and loading

Volvo Construction Equipment eases digging and loading

Available as either 2D or In Field Design, Volvo Construction Equipment’s Dig Assist allows excavators operators to complete digging tasks to a greater accuracy in less time. Safety is also improved, as there is no need to repeatedly get out of the cab and physically check grades or levels.

Volvo-Construction-Equipment-eases-digging-and-loadingAlso on display at bauma 2016, Load Assist is designed for Volvo wheel loaders L110-L250 and delivers real time accurate load information to the operator. Preventing under-or-overloading (and additional machine wear and even potential fines), the system allows wheel loaders to work to their maximum efficiencies. Fully automatic, the system logs all load information and the data is then displayed on the operator’s in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot display.

The information can also be accessed remotely, thanks to Volvo’s advanced CareTrack telematics system. This allows complete payload management – giving access to data such as total transported load in tonnes; tonnes transported per litre of fuel and number of cycles.

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