Training is key to optimising reliability solutions investment – WearCheck

Ashley Mayer

Ashley Mayer, training manager at WearCheck

If profitability and efficiency are among the goals of any machine-based operation, then a good reliability solutions programme is imperative, so says Ashley Mayer, training manager at WearCheck.

Through reliability solutions services, such as oil analysis, thermal imaging, vibration monitoring, balancing, laser alignment and others, machines are monitored and maintained in such a way as to enable them to yield their optimum output.

Over time industrial / mechanised systems become exponentially more advanced and complicated, and so does their operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is essential that staff members at the respective levels of operation are kept educated on how to run and look after the machinery, argues Mayer.

Condition monitoring specialist WearCheck says it has been proved time and again that skilled and well-trained machine operators are able to add to the bottom line of an industrial operation by maintaining the components efficiently, and they are able to do this because they have undergone the right training.

WearCheck conducts training courses that cover accurate oil analysis report interpretation, correct sample taking, pre-planned maintenance schedules and good lubricant management. Mayer conducts condition monitoring training courses around South Africa as well as in other regions where there are WearCheck customers.

“WearCheck understands that customers gain the highest return on investment in a condition monitoring programme if their staff understand each step of the process. We offer several training courses aimed at different levels within the process, from basic understanding of oil analysis through to management of the condition monitoring programme.

African trainer

Furthermore, WearCheck is now certified as the Mobius training centre for the entire African continent, apart from South Africa, DRC and Kenya. Mobius courses are run on request from customers, on-site at the customer’s premises, anywhere in Africa.

The full Mobius course includes compulsory six-month practical training sessions. Participants are guided by WearCheck expertise that has been gained through the successful implementation of condition monitoring programmes tailored to meet the specific needs of operating, engineering and maintenance departments across a range of industries. Through these practical sessions, the skills of the technicians are developed in order to progress to the next level.

The Mobius Institute is a worldwide provider of education in reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance, to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians.

The training facilitates the successful implementation by plants, of reliability improvement programmes through delivery of more easily understandable and comprehensive training. This includes reliability, alignment, balancing and vibration analysis via various education programmes.

Equipment Africa says: As our world becomes increasingly high-tech and complicated, so the need grows to continuously add to our knowledge and skills, particularly in the work place.  Continuing education and training is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

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