Topcon’s local positioning capable excavator system for sky-obstructed areas


The X-63 LPS is designed to provide a solution for machine-controlled excavation in sky-obstructed areas.

Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of a new excavator system with local positioning system capabilities, the X-63 LPS. Said to expand the diversification of the Topcon excavator system line, the X-63 LPS is designed to provide a solution for machine-controlled excavation in sky-obstructed areas.

“The system is perfect for projects such as tunnel construction or working within existing structures using a total station and prism for precision,” says Kris Mass, director of construction product management. “It’s also versatile when GNSS positioning is available with the new Topcon MC-i4 receiver. Operators can easily choose which type of sensor to best use for the project.”

The system is compatible with the new Topcon GX-55 control box, a large sunlight-viewable LCD touchscreen with integrated LED light bars designed for continuous grade reference of the bucket’s teeth. “It’s the finest graphical experience for modern machine control with customizable audible tones, all wrapped up in a lightweight package for easy transfer and storage,” says Maas.

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