Terex TA400 designed for low operating costs

Terex TA400 designed for low operating costs

Terex Trucks’s new 38 tonne TA400 features magnetic pressure filters that reduce the risk of contaminants entering the system, and improves the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

It also features force-cooled multi-disc brakes. Supported by an electronic activated exhaust brake and a six-stage modulating transmission retarder, the TA400 benefits from longer brake component life cycles. The transmission now features high performance oil that extends time between service intervals to 6 000 hours, and its drive train maintains traction in even the most difficult terrain thanks to longitudinal and limited slip transverse differential locks.

The engine and drive train is well matched, utilising automatic adaptive shifting and a pre-selected two-speed transfer box (drop box), providing good performance and productivity for all haul conditions.

To guarantee maximum up time of the truck, investments have been made to ensure increased durability and protection of components, including upgraded hydraulic hoses, electrical interfaces, transmission mountings and brake pipes. In order to prolong hydraulic component life cycles.

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