South Korean bucket crushers make their way to South Africa

Malleo now supplies all of the South Korean original equipment manufacturer’s attachments, as opposed to only hydraulic hammers.

Malleo Equipment has sold its first Sangdo Heavy Equipment bucket crusher in South Africa. This follows the company’s diversification from only supplying the South Korean original equipment manufacturer’s hammers to selling its complete range of attachments.

Equipment Africa learns that the company, which exhibited at Electra Mining Africa this week, supplies three bucket crushers, namely the SBC 08, SBC 10 and SBC 14. The SBC 08 is suited to a 20 ton (t) to 25 t carrier and has a load capacity of 0,65 m3.

Suited to carriers ranging from 26 t to 35 t, the SBC 10 and has a load capacity 0,8 m3, while the SBC 14 can be paired with 36 t to 45 t units and has a load capacity of one cubic metre.

The first unit in the range to be deployed in the country is the SBC 10, a 3 600 kg unit, positioned between the 2 600 kg SBC 08 and 4 500 kg SBC 14.

It has taken time for bucket crushers to really take off in the country and, based on the success of another well-known original equipment manufacturer of these items in South Africa of late, a new trend has emerged. It is challenging existing mindsets which have always favoured mobile crushers at the expense of crusher buckets.

Deployed on trenching, road construction and pipeline projects, excavation, crushing and filling activities can be undertaken using a single excavator. This eliminates transport and management costs.

They can also be used on demolition sites where material can be crushed conveniently and used for fill. This is a growing requirement in South Africa’s “green” building movement that attempts to reduce spoiling of old concrete on limited landfill sites, as well as the sourcing of virgin stone and transportation of the material to site. This focus on recycling and reducing the carbon footprint of construction and building activities is also set to be major driver of this gear in the future. Watch this space!

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