Scania gains more traction in construction


Scania says it continues to gain market share within the construction sector in a string of global markets.

Christopher Podgorski, senior vice-president, Sales and Marketing at Scania Trucks, says the company continues to gain market share within the construction sector in a string of global markets. “There has been growing recognition over the past few years of the fact that Scania also has the strongest offering in the construction segment. Scania’s vehicles and services perfectly match the characteristics and solutions being sought by operators today,” says Podgorski.

Scania also notes the changing approach among construction hauliers globally, saying that construction fleet operators have traditionally been sceptical of automated gear changing systems, with the perception of these not being sufficiently adapted for off-road driving. “That’s all ancient history when it comes to Scania. Scania Opticruise does itself proud in this respect. There’s even a special Performance mode for off-road driving that provides outstanding traction,” says Björn Fahlström, vice-president, Product Management at Scania Trucks.

While the company’s well-known traits, such as low weight and vehicles that are bodybuilder friendly, lead the way on its offerings, the company says connected services and intelligent solutions can also make a major difference when working off-road.

Scania reckons that its Opticruise is well-suited to tipper operations and capable in off-road conditions, citing the high level of Opticruise uptake in the construction section in many countries. Sophisticated management of clutch engagement is reckoned to prolong clutch life and reduce gearbox stress loadings. Shifts are faster than with a manual box, so traction interruptions are shorter.

Scania’s standard manual box has eight gears (plus a crawler), whereas the Opticruise alternative has 12 (plus two crawlers). The combination of additional ratios and strict control of engine speed and shift strategy is the perfect recipe for optimal fuel consumption on a tipper, the company says.

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