Next generation Gehls to hydro-glide into local market next month


Marco Herzberg tells Equipment Africa that the next generation tracked units will arrive in October.

Equipment Africa learns that Gehl’s next generation track loaders will be launched in October this year.

The second generation units were launched in the country in 2014, and the RT175 and RT210 have become very popular in the South African mining, forestry and agricultural markets, while its wheeled counterparts can be found working both building and civil construction sites in South Africa.

Marco Herzberg, product manager of Manitou Southern Africa, told us at Electra Mining Africa 2016 that the machine’s auto-track system remains a key differentiator for the company.

This system dynamically maintains proper tension during operation and releases tension when the engine is turned off. By ensuring proper track tension during operation and tension release upon shutdown, track and bearing life is increased.

Another feature of the RT175 and RT210 is their All-Tach universal attachment mounting systems that are compatible with most allied attachments. Meanwhile, Power-A-Tach allows users to quickly install and remove attachments. The operator only leaves the seat to connect auxiliary hydraulics if needed.

This is definitely a premium brand that is associated with the Manitou Southern Africa mark, and Herzberg says that the tracked loader does not compete on price. It competes for a share of the market dominated by the top brands.

He tells Equipment Africa that the company usually ranks third or fourth in this market segment in the country.

Gehl’s focus on quality is mirrored by other features. This includes its horsepower management system that monitors and adjusts the hydrostatic drive pump for tractive effort – 5 371kg on the RT175 and 5 606kg on the RT210.

Herzberg also highlights the fast hydraulics of the units with flows of up to 135,8l/min on the RT210, while lift cylinders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arm.

The compact equipment market, including “skiddies” and tracked-loaders, remains fiercely competitive, and Gehl continues to show what players in this field a competitive edge. These units achieve a maximum speed of 18km/hour on track and feature “hydro-glide” as standard. A quick look in the cab at Electra Mining Africa reveals the extent of detail that Gehl research and development has placed on ensuring operator comfort. This includes an optional pressurised cab with heat and air conditioning, sound reduction material and a rear-mounted air filter.

We look forward to the arrival of the next generation of tracked loaders next month, with all of the features that keep the RT175 and RT210 at the cutting edge with more improvements to boot!

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