New Volvo Construction Equipment compact range beats space constraints


The new Volvo compact excavator range is ideal for tight working conditions.

Volvo Construction Equipment has further stated its strong focus on compact equipment with a three-model line-up of its new EC35D, ECR35D and ECR40D compact excavators.

Thanks to the short swing tail radius and positioning of the boom cylinder on the left below the cab, the new Volvo ECR35D and ECR40D excavators are ideal for tight working conditions and can be used on restricted jobsites, while reducing risk of damage to the machine and its surroundings. The swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks when in an offset position and the slew and offset movements are controlled simultaneously, for easy and fast positioning of the machine.

Equipped with good tractive force and effective blade design, the new excavators are said to deliver sound performance when dozing. The float function of the blade also enables precise finish in grading applications, while the automatic two-speed travel reduces repositioning time. To reduce the risk of theft, an optional start prevention system is available. Up to three user codes can be entered through the keypad to start the machine.

Equipment Africa says: With time, as space at African sites will continue to be a major limiting factor, especially fuelled by urbanisation, compact will be the answer. The second driver for compact excavators is the change in local applications. Away from mining and infrastructure development where you need big-sized excavators, we see more jobs in applications such as landscaping, sewage, trenching and cabling.

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