New material spreader for safer haul road maintenance

The Material Spreader easily spreads road grit, sand or other material ranging in size from very fine to more than 2 inches.

Philippi-Hagenbuch, a leading manufacturer in off-highway truck customisation, has launched its new Material Spreader Body, designed primarily for mining but with benefits in a variety of applications, including construction, aggregates, quarries and landfills. It is available for global markets, including Africa.

The Material Spreader is said to provide a safe and efficient solution for mine haul road maintenance. The Material Spreader easily tackles deteriorating road areas by spreading repair material and building up areas.

“We receive multiple requests every year for a sanding body that can apply grit on haul roads,” says Josh Swank, vice-president of sales at Philippi-Hagenbuch. The heart of the system is a patented PHIL Rear-Eject Body coupled with the new Material Spreader attachment. The Material Spreader easily spreads road grit, sand or other material ranging in size from very fine to more than 2 inches (50,8mm). Operators can easily adjust the material spreading width from about 15 feet (about 4,6m) to more than 60 feet. The haul truck operator controls the material spreading rate and width from the truck’s cab.

An optional top-loading Grizzly Screen controls the maximum size of the material being spread. The ejector blade on the PHIL Rear-Eject Body moves material to the rear of the body and into a Cross Auger Channel. The auger gathers material to the centre of the spreader and then discharges it onto a set of Material Spinners for spreading.

The PHIL Material Spreader Body is said to provide companies with a fast return on investment since it eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated piece of sanding equipment.

A crew can easily install or remove the Material Spreader attachment from the Rear-Eject Body within about two hours.  “We are always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives and jobs safer, more productive and more efficient,” says Swank. “This is the first in a series of PHIL Ejector Body attachments that will help us expand the flexibility of our Rear-Eject Body technology while achieving our goal of making mines more productive, profitable and safe.”

Equipment Africa says: When times are this tough, fleet owners are looking at ways to extend the capabilities of their machines on site. This is an innovative solution that takes care of the haul roads, affording mines and quarries to do away with graders at some point.

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