New features abound on Terex Trucks’ 10th Generation TA400

Terex Trucks

With operator comfort and productive operation in mind, the revised cab layout of the Generation 10 TA400 is spacious and ergonomic.

Terex Trucks has embarked on a major ongoing product renewal programme that has resulted in an array of improvements on the 10thGeneration TA400, the first in the company’s new generation of articulated haulers. Featuring new livery and frontal design, the 38 tonne TA400 articulated dump truck is the largest in the Terex Trucks articulated range.

Officially shown for the first time at bauma 2016, production of the new model will begin in July in Scotland, and Erik Lundberg, business manager- Sub Saharan Africa at Terex Trucks, tells Equipment Africa that the first units should be available in South Africa from September this year.

With operator comfort and productive operation in mind, the revised cab layout of the 10thGeneration TA400 is spacious and ergonomic. “There are numerous improvements that have been made all over the truck. These include significant enhancements to the cabin and operator environment, including a new improved HVAC system, general comfort zone improvements throughout cab and improved insulation between operator’s cab and engine compartment for reduced heat ingress into the cabin,” says Lundberg.

Several improvements have also been made to the hydraulic system. Emergency body activation enables safe body lowering and service interventions, while magnetic suction filters guard against environmental contamination. “Improved cushioned steering cylinders also help to enhance operator comfort, while improved over-pivot hose routing and retention offer enhanced severe worksite tolerance,” says Lundberg.

Terex Trucks

The 10th Generation TA400 comes with automated limited slip cross axle differential locks across its three axles, ensuring sound traction while reducing driveline abuse.

More enhancements

Following extensive application testing, the improved Allison transmission with 5th Generation automatic adaptive shifting for consistent performance, has been released onto the 10thGeneration TA400. It is said to provide more operating choices including tailoring your machine’s performance to all working conditions, using adaptive shifting and Terex Trucks’ 2 speed ratios. “The new transfer box comes with improved construction and logic control for enhanced durability and reliability,” says Lundberg.

The Hi Ratio option on the transfer gear box allows for faster ground speeds, especially in situations where less tractive force is required or where working conditions are light. When conditions are more challenging, entailing steep inclines or poor ground conditions where rimpull is a priority, the Low Ratio option increases the tractive effort by up to 50% to provide sound performance.

Severe or poor working conditions translate into traction and stability challenges. With this in mind, the 10thGeneration TA400 comes with automated limited slip cross-axle differential locks across its three axles, ensuring sound traction while reducing driveline abuse and wheel spin, thereby reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Equipment Africa says:  There is continuing expectation from the fleet owner that modern machinery should not only be innovative for the sake of it, but should provide solutions that offer enhanced efficiency and productivity, especially in the face of most severe and demanding conditions. Increased business productivity can be traced to swiftness and efficiency of processes, and the 10thGeneration TA400, with its array of new features, is geared at offering just that.

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