New Bell L-series TLB digs in

The Bell 315SL is an entry-level machine ideal for general earthworks.

Bell Equipment has launched its new L-Series Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB). Though regarded as an entry-level machine for general earthworks, the newly launched Bell L-series TLB is said to come with a wide range of features often found on much larger and more sophisticated equipment.

Driven by a John Deere PowerTech engine, the 315SL has a top speed of 40km/h when travelling to a jobsite. The five-speed PowerShift transmission provides smooth shifting and reliable performance with on-the-fly all-wheel drive engagement. These features, together with the standard limited-slip differential on the front axle and fully locking differential on the rear, deliver greater tractive effort and overall 4WD performance. The rear differential lock protection can also be enabled through the machine’s monitor, which prevents potential damage from rear differential lock engagement at high speeds.

According to Dale Oldridge, Bell product manager, the Sealed Switch Module (SSM) in the cab offers a central location for the machine’s functions and is completely sealed to protect against moisture, dust and debris. The SSM comes standard with keyless start and a machine-security system, which requires a passcode to prevent unauthorised operation of the TLB.

To boost productivity, the new L-series TLB has improved cab ergonomics, making the operator’s workspace even more user-friendly. “An enhanced Loader control grip has a new ergonomic design that integrates fingertip controls into the grip for ease of use. Additionally a multi-function lever has been introduced on the steering column to control lights, wipers and indicators to create a feel more like a modern car, keeping the operator  focused on his surrounds while operating in the Loader position,” says Oldridge.

In keeping with proven concepts from the very first Bell TLBs, the L-series retains its unitised mainframe and excavator-style boxed structures which are light weight to provide maximum rigidity and structural integrity for the life of the machine. A welcome enhancement is the addition of external shimming of the stabiliser legs to reduce machine movement and improve accuracy during backhoe operation.

Equipment Africa says: Bell Equipment is looking to further consolidate its leading market position in this fiercely contested market with a TLB that incorporates some of the features often found on bigger sized equipment.

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