MultiOne loader – cheaper and more fuel efficient

MultiOne SA sells the full range of CSF MultiOne’s articulated compact loaders.

MultiOne SA sells the full range of CSF MultiOne’s articulated compact loaders.

A MultiOne articulated loader can cost as much as R40 000 less than the competition, while it is said to be eight times more fuel and maintenance-efficient, according to Lofty Van Wyk, director of MultiOne SA.

Van Wyk says the Italian articulated compact loader, recently launched in southern Africa, is a niche offering in the local market with very few direct competitors. He argues that this range is also articulated, which gives it the edge to reach greater heights than the skid steer.

MultiOne SA sells the full range of CSF MultiOne’s articulated compact loaders, supported by a range of about 170 attachments ranging from dumpers, angle blades, multi-purpose buckets, , trenchers, hydraulic hammers, mini backhoes through to cement mixers. For that reason, the loader range is ideal for a host of sectors including small building sites, construction, agriculture and mining.

It comprises the M-Series (680kg to 780kg), the S-Series (940kg to 1 050kg), SL-Series (1 430kg to 1 460kg), GT-Series (1 675kg to 1 820kg) and the QTrak (3t).

The range comes with a number of novel features. The self-locking differential, the dynamic block system, gives the loader the edge to operate on soft grounds without damaging the surfaces. The load sensor acoustic warning device promptly warns the operator in the event that rear wheels are about to lose grip from the ground and when an excessive front load is detected. The telescopic boom has a significant extension in length, which allows to reach further points and to work easily in areas where space is at a premium.

The range also features a quick multi-connector, a novel coupling system for front attachments that allows the connection of the hydraulic lines in few seconds. The system comprises two connectors with a male-female coupling device. One plate is fixed on the machine and the other is located on the attachment. This device allows for speedy and easy connection of attachments, release of pressure in automatic mode, eliminates risk of oil leakage in the application phase and ensures correct and safe connection of the hydraulic lines.

Equipment Africa says: As the African market becomes more receptive to new machines the articulated loader is promising to make a big impact at sites where space is at a premium. MultiOne is ready to challenge the prominence of the skid steer with this range of compact gear. The benefits are there for all to see.

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