MB crushers for mining environments

MB crushers for mining environments

Bucket crushers are equipped to handle large-scale quarrying activities.

Many international quarries are using MB products.

For example, in northern Turkey on the Black Sea, in Bilecik marble quarry, the BF135.8 bucket crushers are used in mining activities, while breaking the material required for the rehabilitation of the quarry roads. The material is crushed where it is needed, without the need for transport equipment.

The BF135.8 has a production capacity of 88 cubic meters (m3) per hour and a loading capacity of 1,6 m3.

In Turkey and Dubai, another slightly smaller MB crusher bucket, the BF120.4, mounted on a 45 ton crawler excavator, is used to crush basalt and granite. Despite the hardness of the materials, the crusher bucket is able to guarantee productivity with peak values ​up to 50 m3 per hour due to its 1,3 m3 load capacity.

The technology is also being used on European sites. In a quarry in Homberg, Germany, basalt boulders are broken using the crusher on large crawler excavators.

BF 135.8 is suited to excavators ranging from 43 tons and the BF 150.10 for excavators of 70 tons or more.

The MB-S23 is the largest screening bucket in the world with a load capacity of 4.3 m3 and a basket depth of 1 490 mm.

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