MB Crusher’s grab makes light work of recycling

Designed by MB Crusher in Fara Vicentino, the MB-G900 weighs in at 780 kg and it is  designed to be mounted on excavators with operating weights between 12 and 18 tons.

It has a capacity of 0,43 cubic meters with closed claws. Closing pressure, depending on the settings, can go fromis between 200 to 400 bar (with a flow rate of 30 liters of oil per minute), while the rotation flow is up to 20 liters per minute (from a minimum of eight ).

The MB grapple is responsive and allows a precise selection of materials during demolition. Its gradual closing force allows for the separation of wood and metal for landfill, while demolishing masonry for recycling.

The MB-G900’s inclined plate connection increases the range of action of the grapple, allowing continuous movement at 360 °.

Its claws side supports are heavily reinforced, while the wide claw  opening of up to 540 mm allows for more materials to be handled.

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