LiuGong targets extended global footprint


David Beatenbough, vice-president of LiuGong Machinery, speaks of the company’s ambitious global growth plans.

Chinese original equipment manufacturer LiuGong has set high targets for its future and aims to become a fully globalised construction equipment manufacturer, according to David Beatenbough, vice-president of LiuGong Machinery.

“As we progress, customers are demanding more than just a well-working machine. Increasingly, they are asking for the whole package: a machine with 24/7 support and spare parts,” he says. “We understand that and have put it into action. Now, LiuGong has over nine product lines in Europe specifically designed to meet European demands, as well as a 2 400m² parts centre that supports LiuGong in delivering parts anywhere in Europe.”

“In addition to all this, we have an extensive support network for distributors to ensure that LiuGong machines continue to reach the customer and surpass their expectations,” adds Beatenbough.

Advancing along the “Belt and Road”

More than ten years ago, LiuGong made its first venture into international business. Today, more than 35% of its total revenue comes from overseas markets. Beatenbough believes the company has transformed into a truly global company.

The company seeks to capture opportunities presented by China’s “Belt and Road” (B&R) initiative. As the name suggests, B&R initiative is a trade network covering the Asian, African and European countries located along the established routes of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”.

In effect, it seeks to promote win-win cooperation among participating nations by breaking infrastructure bottlenecks. This will be achieved through boosting the efficiency of resource allocation and promoting greater market integration. Beatenbough believes this initiative presents opportunities for ambitious construction equipment manufacturers, and LiuGong is prepared to take full advantage of it.

Over the past ten years, LiuGong has established its business network in 62 of the 65 B&R countries, as well as a dealer network that includes service and parts distribution centres in five Central Asian countries.

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