LiuGong here to stay

LiuGong here to stay

Both LiuGong and Burgers Equipment & Spares continue investing into backup service structures.

LiuGong’s ongoing investment in South Africa reflects its long-term outlook for its value brands in this market.

“South Africa is an important market for LiuGong. Considering the growth of LiuGong, we have set up a new training centre in Johannesburg, and we are able to offer technical support and training on all our major components, including engines, transmissions, axles, hydraulic and electrical systems,” says Xiongbing Zhu, chairman and president of LiuGong South Africa.

LiuGong has invested significantly in the country having opened its business here nine years ago. Burgers Equipment & Spares was appointed its dealer for construction equipment in 2011 after it refocused its southern African operations. The exercise brought the OEM closer to the South African market to lend critical technical support to Burgers which, at the time, was still a young player in local equipment supply.

Sany, its competitor, took a similar approach, investing in a sizeable presence in South Africa to give enough support to its dealer and customers in the country. At the time, both companies realised that their dealer networks were their weakest links and needed the support of their principals.

LiuGong opened its South African headquarters in Johannesburg in 2011. The 20 000m2 facility serves as the regional sales hub and spare parts distribution centre, and provides technical support to southern African clients.

Equipment Africasays: Both LiuGong and its dealer, Burgers Equipment & Spares, continue to invest in backup support to increase the value of their equipment to the user. This is reflected by the dealer’s recent astronomic investments into a new South African head office and several branches in both Namibia and SA.

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