Kubota’s U30 mini-excavator on the rise in KwaZulu-Natal

Kubota U30 mini excavator

The Kubota is extremely fuel efficient.

The Kubota U30 mini excavator is becoming ever more popular throughout South Africa, especially  in the KwaZulu-Natal region.

Kubota machines are distributed in South Africa by Smith Power Equipment.

The latest company to use its equipment is construction company Doc Con.

“At first I was a little worried about the hydraulic power of the Kubota U30 as it is very small and compact, but I was more than pleasantly surprised,” says Mike Docherty, owner of the company. “It has an unbelievable power to size ratio and it digs trenches, closes trenches with the dozer blade and anything else we need, like a machine three times its size.”

Docherty adds that he achieves 1,8l of fuel per hour.  “It is a very fuel-efficient machine and has proven to be completely reliable. In our business controlling operational costs is vital and a machine that works with this sort of power and is so cost-efficient is a real boon to the business. We have had absolutely no problems with the U30 and our Kubota dealer in the area, Sameer, has given us a wonderful service overall.”

The u-30’s Auto Idle system helps save up to 10% fuel. When the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine idles automatically. Move any control lever and the engine immediately engages. This innovative feature reduces noise, exhaust emissions and running costs.

The digital LCD panel and the Kubota Intelligent Control System (KICS) help reduce downtime and save on repair and technician costs by providing accurate and timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. The service technicians are easily notified of the operational history of the machine through the Auto Save function which automatically displays error history. This shortens inspection and repair time, which also helps reduce cost.

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