Kubota BX25D put through its paces

Kubota BX25D put through its paces

Lynn James, the owner of the Shell Ultra City petrol station in Queenstown, is putting his Kubota BX25D through its paces.

“I’ve loved tractors since I was a kid and I learnt what quality was in a tractor in my 20 years of farming before my petrol station days,” says James. “All I can say is that this little Kubota TLB is quality through and through. I use it for digging, for planting trees, for removing garbage, for moving things and a host of other small chores. It’s very powerful for its small size and thoroughly reliable.”

He adds that having a TLB on a site like his surprised a few people. “Garage owners and owners of businesses on relatively small sites, just can’t imagine how useful a machine like the Kubota TLB can be until they get one. In fact I have built for it a two-wheel trailer, a four-wheel trailer and I am in the process of building two other specialised trailers – one with a powerful vacuum attachment and the other with a high-pressure water pump attachment. Actually the benefits of this Kubota machine are endless in my business,” says James.

The BX’s 3-cylinder diesel engine gives it more torque than typical petrol driven engines, giving you the power for these jobs and its hydrostatic power steering gives you all the control you need.

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