Komatsu keeps EPH Plant Hire hammering away

Komatsu keeps EPH Plant Hire hammering away

EPH Plant Hire uses Komatsu in its extensive fleet of excavators.

Having the best available equipment is key to success in the rental industry and EPH Plant Hire head of sales and operations Brendan Badenhorst leaves no doubt that Komatsu is the manufacturer of choice.

“Past experience means we know that Komatsu products last, and because we are confident in their reliability, we can offer our services to customers in remote areas.

“The use of blasting techniques in urban or residential areas is now very limited for a variety of good reasons, and so we have found a ready market to grow our specialised fleet. New to our current fleet of Komatsu machines are our PC55 mini-excavators and PC220 machines.

“An important factor is that Komatsu machines allow for the fitment of various attachments, including hydraulic rippers and hammers or buckets, which can be interchanged on the excavators. For example, our Komatsu PC55 compact mini-excavators have delivered excellent results equipped with hammers and buckets, offering our clients a multifunctional solution for electrical and water infrastructure projects in rural development areas,” he says

EPH Plant Hire’s investment in new, advanced products, including Komatsu’s five-tonne compact lower-capacity excavators, is reaping rewards.

Badenhorst remarks on the performance of his operation’s new line-up of Komatsu P220 excavators fitted with hydraulic rippers, which have created an alternative rock breaking solution that is fast and effective.

“This new product has created a competitive advantage in a competitive hammer market.”

Spares availability is a crucial factor and, in his opinion, more than outweighs the perceived cost advantages of investing in lower-priced but poorly supported products from emerging manufacturers.

He also demonstrates a detailed knowledge of day-to-day operations, aided in no small measure by KomTrax – Komatsu’s autonomous machine health monitoring system.

“KomTrax makes our lives easier – we have a full picture of hours worked, a complete reference to oil pressure and temperature and early notice of routine maintenance needs.”

So, what does the future hold for EPH Plant Hire and its partnership with Komatsu? Badenhorst puts forward an encouraging message.

“We’re doing surprisingly well in what is definitely a very challenging business climate and as the markets turn, we are definitely poised to grow to an even higher level.”

EPH Plant Hire’s suite of Komatsu excavator products include two PC55s, eight PC200-8MOs, two PC220-8s, a pair of PC300-7s and a single PC200-7 and PC270-7.

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