Increased bin life with Metso Haul Truck Solution

Metso’s Haul Truck Solution is four to five times stronger than steel.

Metso used Electra Mining Africa 2016 to showcase its complete portfolio of wear parts ranging from grinding media, lining through to screening media and lining products. Of interest to Equipment Africa was the Haul Truck Solution, a rubber lining solution for haul trucks said to be four to five times stronger than steel.

“Customers from all around the world have found that Metso rubber bed linings for mining haul trucks have been proven to last at least four times longer than steel. The liner also dramatically improves the working environment for the operator by reducing vibrations by more than 95% and cutting the perceived noise in the cabin by 50%,” says Michael Gyberg, global support manager Nordics, Europe, Africa & Middle East for Screening Media and Lining Solutions at Metso. “This has helped them increase availability of trucks as well as average payload and reduce the risk for work related injuries.”

The modular design makes the lining easier to install and maintain than steel options, with the possibility to only replace individual modules instead of the entire lining. You can easily arrange for the quick change-outs when the truck is in the repair centre for regular engine maintenance. The result is shorter replacement and installation time compared with steel lining.

Equipment Africa says: The Haul Truck Solution will definitely help local mining haul truck fleet operators with an extended bin life with its ability to last four to five times longer than steel. The potential safety and operator comfort also translate into better productivity.

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