ICerMax looks for African agents

ICerMax, a manufacturer of the DuoAquaTrap, is looking for agents in sub-Saharan Africa, Equipment Africa can report.

The company’s technology addresses free and suspended water and particulate contamination, and features a three-stage filter process, comprising a water trap, on-board spin-on filter and depth synthetic filter.

Its design allows for multiple mounting options and an adapter that enables the unit to be installed on other dominant systems.

Meanwhile, the company’s iSo-Specsure is a multi-media, multi-layered and multi-support filtration system. The unit operates at different pressure levels, and uses changeable cartridges reducing maintenance costs.

The company also manufactures iCustodian, a system used to counter diesel theft that features a patented system that allows fuel flow while restricting access to the tank.

Devices are available for all makes of trucks, yellow metal and bulk fuel tanks.

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