Four new JCB excavator models

JCB excavator

The machines have an optional Safe Lift feature, complete with an integral Lift Overload warning system

JCB’s four new compact excavator models are the 48Z-1, which replaces the previous 8045Z/8050ZTS; the 51R-1 to replace the 8050ZTS/RTS; the 55Z-1, which takes over from the 8055ZTS/RTS; and a new 57C-1 model.

All four share the durable design proven on the larger machines in JCB’s next generation compact excavator range, with 100% steel bodywork and a sturdy four-plate dipper arm construction.

The dig end is 100% bushed, leading to extended 500 hour greasing intervals. JCB has also revised the pin pick-up points to work with a number of competitive bucket brands, while optional hydraulic or manual quickhitches can be specified for faster attachment changeover. JCB has developed a new range of ECO buckets, with a redesigned profile for easier filling and improved material retention.

The excavators feature a redesigned dig end, with a longer main boom and shorter dipper arm, to provide up to 5% greater dump height for easier truck and site dumper loading. The upgraded hydraulic system also delivers up to 9% more bucket tearout force and 2% higher dipper arm tearout, boosting performance and productivity.

Another innovation is the inclusion of an optional Safe Lift feature, complete with an integral Lift Overload warning system. An industry first at this weight, Safe Lift incorporates a green-amber-red graphic in the new monitor panel, with an audible warning that sounds if the machine approaches overload. Expected to be a popular option across Europe, the Safe Lift feature is included as standard when hose burst check valves have been specified, ensuring maximum safety for those customers that use the midi machines to lift pipes and other materials on site.

Productivity has been further enhanced with the adoption of an electro-hydraulic dozer control lever, with up to three buttons in the head to control two-speed tracking, dozer float and a four-way adjustable dozer blade where fitted. The sturdy, ergonomically designed lever has a large diameter and improved resistance, to deliver improved response and more accurate control on rough ground. Separate buttons in the control lever head activate the machines’ standard ‘auto kick-down’ two-speed tracking, along with optional dozer float and four-way blade control.

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