Eaton’s Dynamax for high pressure applications

Eaton’s Dynamax for high pressure applications

With the introduction of the Dynamax EC850 hose and complementary fittings, power management company Eaton provides a solution for mobile hydrostatic drive, direct drive steering and other hydraulic system applications requiring very high pressures.

The hose and fitting series is available in -10 (DN16), -12 (DN19), -16 (DN25), -20 (DN31) for working pressures of 500 bar in all sizes.

“During development, the main objective was that there should not be any compromise in the ease of installation by the end user,” said Jürgen Schmidt, marketing manager of Fluid Conveyance of EMEA, Eaton. “Flexibility is a distinct advantage of the Dynamax EC850 hose, which uses only four spiral wire reinforcement layers. For the larger -20 (DN31) hose size, a six wire layers construction is used to achieve the high working pressure.”

A complete range of complementary hose fittings and adapters is available for all four hose sizes. In addition to the standard code 62 fitting style, Eaton also offers the DKO S range that achieves pressures up to 500 bar. The fittings are offered with chrome III plating as the standard, and an optional corrosion-resistance plating based on zinc-nickel coating.

For customer specific applications requiring long service life, customised fittings are available for the sizes -16 (DN25) and -20 (DN31). Featuring a non-brazed construction, hose assemblies using these fittings are tested to 1 million flex-impulse cycles at up to 500 bar.

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