Doosan unveils new 20t class size diggers

The new Doosan DX225LCA is now available in southern Africa through DISA Equipment

Doosan has launched its DX225LCA series of excavators, which have an improved H Class bucket and are supported by Doosan with a two year/ 4 000 hour warranty.

The excavators have a new six-cylinder water cooled engine that is optimised and electronically controlled to boost production, maximise fuel efficiency and ensure harmful emissions remain well below the values required for Tier II engines.

The 21,5t operating weight of these excavators is enhanced by new specifications that include a 0,92 m³ bucket capacity, a digging depth of 5 755mm, a digging reach of 8 950mm and a digging height of 9 750mm. The engine rated power is 110kW at 1 900rpm.

For optimum control, the Electronic Power Optimising System provides a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system. A controller area network system facilitates a constant flow of information between the engine and hydraulic system, ensuring power is delivered exactly as it is needed.

This hydraulic system enables independent or combined operations. Two travel speeds offer either increased torque or high speed tracking and an auto deceleration system and cross sensing pump ensure fuel savings.

Two variable displacement axial piston pumps have maximum flow capacity of 2 x 206,5 l/min to reduce cycle times, while a high capacity gear pump, with a maximum flow of 2 x 28,5 l/min, improves pilot line efficiency.

Equipment Africa  says: The reliability of an item plant contributes significantly to its total lifetime operating costs. With this in mind, the design of the new DX225LCA is driven by a big focus on durability and longevity of structures and components.  The shape of the boom has been optimised by a finite elements design, allowing for loads to be better distributed throughout the structure

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