Doosan grows in South Africa

Doosan grows in South africa

Doosan has grown its market share in South Africa.

With the addition of Doosan’s DLA wheel loader series to the range nearly three years ago, Doosan has significantly increased its position in the South African wheel loader market.

“Doosan, which has been manufacturing heavy earthmoving equipment for over 40 years, has an ongoing development programme to manufacture robust machines with advanced design features and high performance materials, for optimum productivity, reduced running costs and low emissions,” says Chris Whitehead, managing director, DISA Equipment, trading as Doosan, part of Invicta Holdings Limited. “The company’s investment in the latest technology gives users the guarantee that Doosan machines offer efficient output power, low fuel consumption, minimal maintenance requirements and extended service life. Operator safety, precise control and comfort are key to product advancement.

“Doosan earthmoving equipment – which encompasses track, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and various attachments – has been designed to cope efficiently and safely in Africa’s harsh operating conditions.”

The DLA series, which encompasses five wheel loaders – DL200A, DL250A, DL300A, DL420A and DL 550A – have bucket capacities between 2,0 m³ and 4,5 m³, with optimised breakout force and machine balance. The operating weight of these wheel loaders has been increased, with greater tipping load capacities.

These machines are driven by Doosan Tier 2 engines, which are less sensitive to fuel quality than Tier 3 engines, yet still offer reduced fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. The Doosan air to air intercooler engines offer high torque and low rpm for improved response. High power and torque characteristics, coupled with efficient synchronisation of the drive train with the hydraulic system, ensure optimum productivity, even in tough operating conditions.

These machines have a smooth four-gear transmission and clutch cut off via a brake pedal. The transmission has three modes of operation – manual, automatic (automatic shift for all gears) and semi automatic (automatic with a ‘kick down’ for first gear). A large capacity transmission oil cooler ensures durable and stable operation of the transmission.

The DL300A and DL420A units, which are widely used in local conditions, have the flexibility to handle diverse materials, including the loading and transporting of granular materials, as well as bulk loads.

The DL300A wheel loader, with an 8 litre Doosan DE08TIS engine (156 kW at 2100 rpm) engine and the DL420A wheel loader, with an 11 litre Doosan DE12TIS engine (210 kW at 2100 rpm), have been designed for advanced digging power and high traction for the penetration and handling of even the hardest materials.

The high strength drawbar pull at the wheels is reinforced by limited slip ZF differentials as standard equipment. This automatically ensures maximum tractive effort and easy driving over soft, muddy ground. This feature also reduces the risk of skidding and prevents excessive tyre wear.

Metal reinforced brake discs are integrated into the planetary reduction gears in the hubs where the rotation speed is lower. As a result, discs are exposed to lower rpm and heat generation is reduced. This ensures improved machine stability, extended hours of operation and reduced maintenance requirements. For user convenience, brake disc wear can be measured without disassembling the hub.

The cooling compartment is separated from the engine compartment to allow better control of air intake and prevents warm and dusty air from entering. A 3-stage air filter is fitted with a turbo 3 cyclone dust separator. A hydraulically driven fan for improved productivity and reduced noise levels, is standard.

These machines have higher static tipping loads at maximum reach with a straight frame DL300A (17 910 kg) and DL420A (22 600 kg). Other quality improvements of the DLA series include a new hose, which is installed in the air breather of ZF axles to prevent breather congestion problems. In other wheel loaders, dust and sand cause clogging of the air breather, resulting in elevated oil temperatures and damage to the seals on the axles.

Buckets have been reinforced for additional strength. Aluminium radiators are installed on rubber mounts to dampen vibration and the radiator grille is made of reinforced steel for increased shock resistance. A cover has been fitted to the propeller shaft to protect the oil seal from dust and foreign objects. This reduces wear and extends service life. The high lift arm ensures an improved dump reach and height at bucket pivot point. The Load Isolation Systems (LIS), which is standard, suspends the bucket using a closed accumulator to reduce material loss.

The design of the DLA series has also been improved for enhanced operator comfort. There is more space in the cab, improved visibility, push button controlled air conditioning and heating, a comfortable air suspension seat and convenient storage space.

Features for operators also include precise control levers, a high visibility central indictor panel, sun visor and room mirror, an adjustable steering column and arm rests for added comfort.

These machines have been designed for easy maintenance and thus more uptime and greater productivity. A liquid crystal display conveys information about the ZF transmission and reports the nature of any problem. A laptop computer can be connected at any time for a complete transmission diagnosis.

Features for easy maintenance procedures include the radiator fan which swings out for effortless cleaning and remote drain valves are easily accessible for convenient draining of fluids. The air conditioner condenser is accessed directly by tilting the grille.

These wheel loaders are compatible with a wide range of attachments.

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