2 500 Doosan DX340LCA excavators and counting

Doosan DX340LCA excavators

The Doosan DX430LCA’s footprint continues to grow in the region.

Heavy duty Doosan DX340LCA hydraulic excavators, designed for efficient operation and high productivity in demanding work environments, are gaining popularity locally in diverse sectors, including quarrying, mining and in heavy construction.

“There are currently over 2 500 Doosan machines in operation locally and we expect to further consolidate Doosan’s market position and soon reach the 3 000 unit mark,” says Chris Whitehead, managing director, DISA Equipment, trading as Doosan Construction Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Doosan makes a substantial investment in an ongoing development programme to upgrade machines with advanced design features and high performance materials, for optimum productivity, reduced running costs and low emissions.

These excavators have a new six-cylinder water cooled engine that is optimised and electronically controlled to boost production, maximise fuel efficiency and ensure harmful emissions remain well below the values required for Tier II engines. Rated engine power is 185 kW at 1 800 rpm and maximum torque is 114 kgf.m at 1 400 rpm. Improved cooling performances reduce fuel consumption and minimise noise levels in heavy duty and hot working conditions.

New specifications of the DX340LCA series include an increased maximum bucket size of 2,35 m³, a side lifting capacity of 9,33 t at six metres reach and three metres height and a maximum digging force of 24,8 t. Traction has been improved with an eight percent increased drawbar pull of 27 t. Advanced independent electronics has increased reliability of these machines and simplified maintenance procedures.

The shape of the boom has been re-designed for improved load distribution throughout the structure and for greater strength, material thickness has been increased to limit element fatigue, increase reliability and extend component life. A highly lubricated metal is used for the boom pivot to extend greasing intervals to 250 hours. Cast elements are used in the arm assembly and reinforcement is added around the bosses for additional strength and extended service life. High wear resistant materials are used for susceptible elements of the bucket, including the blades, teeth, rear and lateral reinforcement plates and corners of the bucket.

All welded structures have been designed to limit stresses. The lateral chassis is welded and rigidly attached to the undercarriage. Tracks are composed of sealed, self-lubricating links, which are isolated from external contamination for dependability in all conditions. These tracks are locked by mechanically bolted pins and the integrated track spring and idler are joined directly for high durability and easy maintenance. Track links have reinforced thickness on stressed regions and the hydraulic track adjuster has a shock absorbing tension mechanism.

Each track is driven by an independent, high torque, axial piston motor through a planetary reduction gear. Two levers or a foot pedal control provide smooth travel and counter rotation.

For optimum excavator control, the new Electronic Power Optimising System (e-POS system) provides a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system. A controller area network system facilitates a constant flow of information between the engine and hydraulic system, ensuring power is delivered exactly as it is needed.

Advantages of the new user-friendly e-POS system include ease of operation, the availability of power and standard modes for optimum efficiency under all conditions and an automatic auto-idle mode for fuel saving. Regulation and precise control of the flow rate required by the equipment is standard and a self-diagnosis function enables technical problems to be resolved quickly. Maintenance and oil change intervals can be displayed and an operational memory provides a graphic display of the status of the machine.

The choice between standard and power operating modes optimises performance in all conditions, including harsh environments. Standard mode uses 88% engine power for general work and power mode uses 100% engine power for heavy tasks. In economy mode, the machine uses 76% engine power.

An advanced hydraulic circuit separates the oil flow for travel and boom functions to allow precise and safe operation when handling loads during travel. Circuits for the boom, arm and bucket have been improved to ensure smoother and precise control. New control valves and joystick valves ensure speedy, smooth and responsive controls.

The main hydraulic pump has a capacity of 2 x 274 ℓ/min reducing cycle time, while a high capacity gear pump improves pilot line efficiency.

Efficient filtration is achieved by the use of multiple filters, including a fuel pre-filter fitted with a water separator that protects the engine by removing most of the moisture from the fuel. A large capacity forced air cleaner removes over 99% of airborne particles, reducing the risk of engine contamination and also extending the intervals for cartridge changes. Glass fibre filter technology in the main oil return filter ensures effective protection of the hydraulic system.

This series has been designed for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. A PC monitoring function enables connection to the e-POS system. Various parameters can be checked during maintenance, including pump pressure, engine rotation and engine speed. This information can be stored and printed for analysis.

Easy access to all components, including the engine oil filter, radiators and grouped grease inlets, enables quick maintenance procedures and prevents contamination to the surrounding environment. The fuse box is located in the storage compartment behind the seat, which is a clean environment, with convenient access.

Doosan’s DX340LCA machines have been designed with the latest ergonomics for enhanced efficiency, improved safety and greater comfort.

New features include a spacious, all weather sound-suppressed cab with a clear all round view, effective air conditioning and an adjustable seat, with an optional air suspension system to reduce vibrations. The control panel is conveniently positioned for easy use and is simple to read. For improved safety, there are large handrails and a wide step with anti-slip plates, right and left rear view mirrors, a travel alarm and safety glass.

Control levers ensure safe and precise operation during levelling procedures, movement of suspended loads and tricky manoeuvres. Electrical buttons integrated on the levers are used to activate the power boost function and to operate additional equipment, like grabs, crushers and grippers. An emergency throttle cable, which controls engine speed manually in the event of a malfunction of the control dial, is mounted in the cab.

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