Cummins revs up for Africa

In 2015, Cummins opened its 20 000m² Regional Distribution Centre, Filtration and Coolant manufacturing plant in Johannesburg.

Cummins’ distribution centre in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, is part of the engine manufacturer’s larger strategy for Africa.

Managing director, Schuyla Goodson Bell, says it brings Cummins closer to the market. “This initiative is a result of a strategy network study conducted by Cummins Africa which revealed that, to support our forecasted growth in Africa, we would have to invest in supply chain capacity and capability,” she says.

The distribution centre is a 20 000m² facility comprising a parts and filter area which covers
10 000m² and the engine and generator storage warehouse covers a further
6 000m². The facility also features a coolant blending plant and air filter manufacturing facility that takes up 4 000m².

This infrastructure is complemented by the Master Rebuild Centre in Johannesburg. “When engines are due for maintenance, service or rebuild, they come into this facility where we have all the technical capacity to deal with these needs,” says Bell.Cummins can rebuild any engine including a juggernaut such as the QSK16.

Equipment Africa says: This investment by Cummins is based on servicing the customer better by pushing resources closer to the market. The regional distribution centre is the most prominent recent investment the company has made and it’s astrong statement of how it envisagesthe future of its business in southern Africa.

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