CDE South Africa helps improve plant performance and efficiency

CDE South Africa recently sold a complete bespoke plant in the North West Province for a waste dump recovery operation.

CDE Global, said to be the largest wet processing equipment manufacturer in the world, has reiterated its commitment to work with African customers to maximise their return on investment and gain significant competitive advantage while minimising environmental impact.

The company’s commitment to developing its operations in Africa was motioned when the company established its local CDE South Africa office and appointed Nicolan Govender as regional manager for southern Africa.

CDE believes that the African continent has high infrastructural demands and the materials washing solutions it develops are ideally suited for local quarrying and mining sectors supplying the construction market. By using CDE equipment, the environmental benefits are significant, not the least of which is that up to 90% of the water is recycled when a wet processing washing plant is combined with a CDE AquaCycle water recovery system.

A typical sand washing operation uses a minimum of 100 000 l per hour, which is basically clean water being converted into waste water and then pumped or piped away into a settling dam, at which point it exits the washing system. With a CDE AquaCycle, 90% of this waste water is recycled for immediate reuse. This does not only minimise water consumption, but also aids businesses to show compliance when reapplying for water licences.

“We are now in a unique position to further inform the local market and help our customers to improve their plant performance and efficiency, and at the same time assist them to realise genuine cost savings for their business by using cutting-edge wet processing technology,” says Govender.

Working with a world-class engineering team, Govender has, for example, recently sold a complete bespoke plant in the North West Province for a waste dump recovery operation. The customer, a local mining operator, will now use its new CDE wet processing installation to produce a high specification product. The plant comprises an M4500 sand washing plant equipped with two Infinity fine screens and an EvoWash, running in synergy with a water-saving AquaCycle water recovery system.

This is one of many new products sold this year in South Africa. Several other products have been delivered in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, KZN as well as the Western Cape.

“CDE is unique in Africa in terms of the range of tailor-made products it offers, which are both high-tech and simple to use. With 22 years of experience in the business, CDE has carved a reputation of excellence internationally and our existing customers in Africa regularly become repeat clients as their production – and therefore business – grows thanks to their CDE installations. The future of washing is bright in Africa. I am excited about the company’s prospects and to be heading the development of our operations in the region,” says Govender.

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Equipment Africa says: It is encouraging that many local mines and quarries across SA have already saved – and continue to save – high volumes of water, especially in the context of the extended and ongoing drought, with CDE’s technology. If 90% of waste water can be recycled for immediate reuse, the savings for this important resource are massive.

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