Cat hammers hammer the market

Cat hammers hammer the market

Caterpillar’s B20, B30 and B35 top mount hammers (TM) are now available locally for diverse markets that include municipal, general construction, demolition, quarrying and mining.

These units are designed for fitment across a broad spectrum of Cat carriers: the B20 TM is an ideal match for the Cat 320D2 L; the BM30 TM for Cat 323D2 L and Cat 329D2 L machines; and the B35 TM for Cat 336D2 L and Cat 340D2 L excavators.

“A distinctive feature is their excellent power-to-weight ratio, outstanding impact output, and simplicity,” points out Barloworld Equipment product and application specialist, Craig Christie, adding that the weld-free hydraulic kit mounting supplied is a standard feature. “This high pressure accumulator protects the carrier’s hydraulic circuit by absorbing pulsation spikes created during the firing stroke.”

Caterpillar’s B-Series gas fired hammers are characterised by their top-mount (rectangular) style, which increases impact power by keeping hammer and stick forces in line. The top-mount style also provides a larger work area and sound operator visibility. Additionally, the top-mount bracket configuration transfers far fewer forces and corresponding bending stresses into the end of the stick, lowering the overall impact on machine structures. Hammer speed/frequency can be adjusted easily to suit specific applications.

In terms of maintenance, the full length side plate design provides personnel with much easier access to service points and change-outs. A prime example is the field replaceable lower tool bushing. Tools come in moil, cone, chisel and blunt specifications and all are manufactured using high grade heat-treated steel.

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