Case 885B grades into SA

The new Case 885B motor grader range is now available in South Africa through dealer CSE Equipment.

The new Case 885B motor grader range is now available in South Africa through dealer CSE Equipment.

CSE Equipment has launched Case 885B series motor graders in South Africa.

“Enhancements to this range include the flexibility of a torque converter lock-up system for efficient transmission, a roll-away mouldboard plough for lower fuel consumption and a re-designed cab, with a larger field of vision for enhanced safety and greater operator comfort,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director of CSE Equipment – the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings. “Case Construction Equipment continuously improves the performance and design features of its extensive range of earthmoving equipment to meet market requirements.”

Case offers ZF types of transmission with a torque converter lock-up system that provides an increase in torque of up to 70% for heavy tasks requiring extra traction and can be locked for less demanding work.

When lock-up is engaged, the transmission operates in direct-drive mode, with electronic shift change for the six forward and three reverse gears. This mode, with increased fuel efficiency, does not require extra torque and is therefore ideal for levelling and spreading.

When lock-up is disengaged by the operator at the push of a button, the transmission reverts back to working with the torque converter.

Lock-up engages automatically to match torque and engine speed – as long as the pre-set electronic transmission module parameters are met.

The Case de-clutch system, which is activated when the operator applies brakes, improves handling speeds for tools, including the blade, ripper and scarifier.

This de-clutch system directs all engine power to the hydraulic system as at that moment the engine is disengaged from the transmission. As a result, loss of power during operation is prevented and fuel economy is improved.

Another advantage of this transmission system is the option of operating in automatic or manual mode. The operator is able to manually shift gear or opt for automatic control.

The Transmission Control Unit manages all the input of data provided when the transmission is operating and ensures optimum performance, extended service life of the machine and also improved operator comfort. The transmission also has a diagnostic system that detects potential problems and displays them as error codes on the panel or via a laptop connection.

Equipment Africa says: One of the impressive features of this range is the hydraulic system designed for complete precision of movement and blade control. When ground resistance is high and the hydraulic system pressure needs to be increased, the load sensing system reduces hydraulic flow since the machine needs force and not flow.

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