Bobcats deployed to restore Durban coastlines


Bobcat machines were recently used to lift most of the heavy debris at the Durban coastline, leaving the beach sand behind.

Durban recently experienced heavy rainfalls and floods which left debris washed down from the rivers along the coastlines. With the huge task of cleaning up resting on Parks & Beaches and the Durban Municipality, Goscor Group’s Bobcat division offered to be involved in restoring the coastlines.

“We approached Parks & Beaches manager, Bruce Blake, and Durban Municipality’s technical engineering manager, Godfrey Vella, to offer our assistance,” says Bobcat’s Brian Rachman.

“Using the T870 Bobcat fitted with a skeleton bucket, we managed to push and stockpile huge amounts of litter over a three-day period from the Blue Lagoon river mouth. This machinery enabled us to lift most of the heavy debris, leaving the beach sand behind. For collecting the finer material, we used the new beach cleaner attachment.”

“When dealing with the outcome of natural disasters, particularly along our coastlines, every type of assistance is most welcome. It is indeed a mammoth task to get our beaches and parks to the state they were in before being hit by heavy rains and floods.

“Companies such as Bobcat have demonstrated their commitment to keeping our areas clean and safe, and we commend them for coming forward without waiting on us to call for help. Watching the machinery in action was an amazing sight,” says Bruce Blake, Parks & Beaches manager.

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