Bell Equipment Articulated Dump Trucks ready to roll onto sites


All  the  trucks  now  feature  efficient  Allison  seven-speed  transmissions.

Bell Equipment’s other four new large E-series ADT models, which range from 33,5 to 45,4 tonne payloads, are planned to roll off the company’s production lines from this August.

“Looking at how many of the other manufacturers have only now adopted some of our features, and the length of time it has taken them to do so, is in itself testament to how we have in the past led, and will continue to lead, this particular industry,” says Bell Product Marketing Manager: ADTs, Tristan du Pisanie.

From the B40E upwards, all the trucks now feature efficient Allison seven-speed transmissions which, together with improved engine power through the range, ensure efficient and productive driving performance in all ADT applications. Full traction in heavy terrain is guaranteed by electronically activated inter-axle differentials. Controlled traction differentials, on all three axles, also provide safe cross-locking for extreme conditions. Safe braking is assured through wet brakes with separately cooled and filtered oil circuits. Fully automatic retardation is achieved through a combination of an increased capacity engine brake and the wet brakes. Full electronic control of these functions has allowed us to further improve our industry first Hill Descent Control to give operators full confidence in meeting and ensuring safe productivity.

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