Auto Maquinaria appointed Terex Trucks’ Angolan dealer

The Auto Maquinaria team poses in front of newly-opened facility in Luanda, Angola.

Auto Maquinaria (AMQA) has been appointed by Terex Trucks as its official distributor of articulated and rigid dump trucks in Angola.

Headquartered in its newly-opened facility in the capital Luanda, AMQA will also provide factory-approved parts and other essential aftermarket care services to customers throughout the iron ore, diamonds, and oil-rich country in southern Africa.

Pleased with the addition of Terex Trucks’ machines to the company’s portfolio, Adriano David, managing director at AMQA, says the appointment means its hauler offering to customers in Angola now comes with an increased payload. “The partnership with Terex Trucks is a great opportunity for AMQA to establish its position as the leading supplier of transport solutions to the mining industry in Angola,” says David. “During the years of the global commodity boom, AMQA delivered a significant number of ADTs to mines in Angola and even became the best seller of articulated haulers in the entire world in 2007. However, with the increased depth of mines, many operations switched to the use of rigid dump trucks, which wasn’t a product we had to offer to customers – until now.”

Africa’s seventh largest country, Angola is rich in natural resources, including oil, diamonds, gold, iron ore and copper. The growth of the country is almost entirely driven by commodities, and considerable exploration is underway in Angola. Over the next few years, several major mining projects will open up, especially since it is estimated that as little as 40% of the Angolan mining resources have been identified.

The durability and efficiency of Terex Trucks’ equipment is a good match for the demanding climate and conditions of the Angolan mining industry. To complement its existing range of products, AMQA will add all four Terex Trucks rigid haulers, the TR45, TR60, TR70, and TR100, as well as the TA250, TA300 and TA400 articulated dump trucks.

“AMQA has made a name for itself as a trusted and established distributor for construction equipment across various sectors of the Angolan market. We are confident that this appointment will mean Terex Trucks is well represented in the years to come, where we anticipate new and exciting opportunities in Angola’s diamond, gold and iron mining sectors,” says Guy Wilson, EMEA’s sales and marketing director at Terex Trucks.

Equipment Africa says: Part of the Ascendum Group – which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial equipment for construction and infrastructure – AMQA was chosen to be Terex Trucks’ official distributor in Angola because of its experience and knowledge of the market. With Babcock in charge of the rest of southern Africa, Terex Trucks now has a very strong representation throughout the region. This will definitely translate into further gains for customers and the OEM itself.

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