CDE South Africa Pty

Over the last 20 years CDE has grown to be the global leader on the wet processing equipment market in the sand & aggregatesminingC&D waste recyclingindustrial sands and environmental sectors. CDE is now firmly established across Sub-Saharan Africa, boasting flagship installations such as the first CDE Combo x70, the most advanced plant in East Africa, recently deployed in Tanzania. Communication with clients is key and with CDE Business Development Managers based in Southern Africa, expert information and advice on the best value-for-money washing solution is only a phone call or a visit away.

Over the past few years, a growing number of African mining, quarrying and tunnelling operators have adopted sand washing as a value-for-money, high-quality and flexible option for general to specific construction and mining needs.

The reasons for our success are simple:
We invest in innovation and technology
We manufacture equipment on demand to fit your exact requirements
We build and test your equipment in our production facilities before it is delivered to you
We offer the best customer service on the market

As a result:
You maximise your return on investment
You minimise environmental impact
You gain significant competitive advantage in your market

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